Нови възможности за студентски стажове от The European Student Placement Agency UK

The European Student Placement Agency UK team is happy to announce that we have new internship opportunities for your students, exchange students and ERASMUS+ grant holders in ICT and Business!
The following links provide access to the full description (PDF file) of the vacancy, and please don't hesitate to share it with your keen students.

1) Web Development Internship (CPRWD1307)
2) App Development Internship_IOS (CPRADIOS1307).

Business :
1) Marketing Internship_Any Nordic Language (HYDMA2407)
2) Business Administration and Sales Support Internship_ German Speaker (IONMR1906)
3) Marketing for French or Spanish speakers (HYDMA2407)
4) Digital Marketing Internship (SENMAD2906)
5) Marketing Internship (IEMA2606)
6) Sales and marketing (WESSM0108)

We are more than happy to keep growing our partnership with your institution and to help your students with professional development during their studies.
Just to remind you, we don't charge any fee for students or universities and accommodation (utility bills and internet access included) and commuter travel are provided to every ESPA intern for the entire length of their internship.
Please do not hesitate to visit our website or to contact us in case you need any more information.