Dear Colleagues,
Journal of Life Economics is an international peer-reviewed and  periodical journal which has begun its broadcasting life in 2014. This  journal aims to generate a form arguing the economic rationales of life.
 In this framework, theoretical and applied articles which are high  quality is going to be given a place. It gathers the views and studies  of academicians, researchers and professionals who work in all fields of  social science, notably economy. Journal of Life Economics is to be  published in four times a year as periods of WINTER (January), SPRING  (April), SUMMER (July) and AUTUMN (October). The web site of the journal  is http://www.jlecon.com/ which has been still in completion period.
Journal of Life Economics is open access electronic journal. Doi Number  is to be appointed for each article as of the first issue of the  journal. It is also aimed to make Journal of Life Economics to be raked  by various indexes. For actualizing the politics of publishing high  quality articles, it is worked with broadcasting board members and  referees who are specialist in their fields. It will be honorable for us  to see you in the boards of the journal for making real significant and  qualified publication policy. It is surely beyond doubt that your  experience and information will increase the publication quality of  Journal of Life Economics. We will be glad if you accept to be a member  of Journal of Life Economics as a referee and broadcasting board member.
In case you accept, please reply to this message or be a member of  Journal of Life Economics by the way of web address of http://www.jlecon.com/mts.aspx.