Application documents


1. Application form (Appendix No. 1). The application form must be completed in Bulgarian or English on computer and signed by the applicant on every page.

2. Diploma of completion of secondary education, incl. diploma supplement.

3. Official document with the grading system description (in case of no grading scale is enclosed to the Secondary School Diploma).

4. Official document issued by the Regional Inspectorate of Education (in case the Secondary School Diploma is issued by a secondary school outside Republic of Bulgaria, in EU or EEA country).

5. Transcript of Records (for applicants who apply for transferring from one university to the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economic).

6. Copy of passport or ID card. Applicants with dual citizenship should also provide copies of their Bulgarian ID card or passport. In case there is a difference between the names on the two ID cards or passports, the applicant must also provide a notary certified declaration of identity (or, alternatively, a certificate issued by the respective municipal authorities) stating that the different names belong to one and the same person.

7. Four (4) photos passport format.

8. Certificate of Bulgarian language command issued by a higher education institution in Bulgaria (for applicants who apply for Bulgarian-taught programmes and who haven’t passed a language and specialised preparatory course).


Documents specified in points 2, 3, and 5 must be must be officially translated into Bulgarian language by ‘sworn translator’. In case the translation is made in Bulgaria, it is necessary to notary certify the translator’s signature.


Admission criteria

(One of all criteria depending on the applicant’s status)


1. The applicants should have in their diploma for secondary education scoring grades that are required for application at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.

2. The applicants should pass an admission exam in Mathematics, Economics, Economic Geography of Bulgaria, English, German or Russian language. The exams are organised by the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.

3. The applicants could transfer their grades on the admission exams passed at another university in Bulgaria.

4. The applicants who are national or international Olympiads laureates do not pass admission exams. They receive the maximum grade possible (Excellent 6.00).