Research project: “Fiscal discipline and/or growing the fiscal capacity of the Republic of Bulgaria?”, № КП-06 ПМ35/5 - /09/2019

Funding Institution: National science fund at the Ministry of Education and Science, Funding Competition for financial support for projects of junior basic researchers and postdocs – 2019

Leading organization: D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics

Total projects value: 25

Project duration: 24 months

Main objective: development of a practical and methodological model for assessing the fiscal capacity of Bulgaria

Sub-objective 1: Assessment of the impact of fiscal discipline imposed by the Stability and Growth Pact on Bulgaria's fiscal policy

Sub-objective 2: Estimation and analysis of the factors affecting the fiscal capacity of the countries of the EU community, and in particular in Bulgaria.

Project activities:

1. WP 1 - Analysis of the theoretical and methodological foundation of the fiscal policy pursued by the European Union;

2. WP2 - Purchase of necessary hardware, software, equipment, databases, literature, materials and supplies to carry out the project activities;

3. WP 3 - Practical and applied model for analysis and evaluation of the efficiency of Bulgaria’s fiscal system;

4. FP 4 - Assessment of the fiscal capacity of the Republic of Bulgaria

5. FP 5 - Dissemination of the results of the research project.

Research results:

  • Two publications in peer-reviewed journals with impact factor/impact ranking (e.g. IF (Web of Science) or SJR (Scopus));
  • Four publications in refereed and indexed journals in secondary world literature sources
  • One monograph.

Project Implementation Team:

Researcher Aleksandrina Aleksandrova, PhD – Coordinator,

Head Assist. Prof. Taner Ismailov, PhD,

Head Assist. Prof. Angelin lalev, PhD

Victorya Bazinska – student