Application documents

1. Application form (Appendix No. 1). Application form must be completed in Bulgarian or English on computer and signed on every page.
2. Diploma of completed higher education (Master’s degree), incl. Diploma Supplement with grades and credits.
3. Official document with the grading system description (in case of no grading scale is enclosed to the Higher Education Diploma).
4. Transcript of Records (for applicants who apply for transferring from one university to the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economic).
5. International  Education Verification form (EVF) – filled and signed by the applicant. The document is required for the procedure of recognition of higher education completed in an educational institution abroad.
6. Medical Certificate that is issued by an accredited authority from the applicant’s country no earlier than one month prior to submitting the application documents to the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.
7. European Diploma Supplement (if any).
8. Europass CV.
9. List of publications (if any).
10. List of project participations (if any).
11. List of conference participations (if any).
12. Doctoral thesis proposal (for applicants applying for unsupervised mode of study).
13. 3-5 standard pages proposal of the doctoral thesis (for applicants applying for full-time or part-time mode of study).
14. Copy of passport or ID card. Applicants with dual citizenship should also provide copies of their Bulgarian ID card or passport. In case there is a difference between the names on the two ID cards or passports, the applicant must also provide a notary certified declaration of identity (or, alternatively, a certificate issued by the respective municipal authorities) stating that the different names belong to one and the same person.
15. Two (2) photos passport format.
16. Certificate of Bulgarian language command issued by a higher education institution in Bulgaria (for applicants who apply for Bulgarian-taught programmes and who have not passed a language and specialised preparatory course).
17. Document for a paid document-processing fee.
18. Document for a paid proposal review fee (for applicants applying for unsupervised mode of study).

Documents specified in points 2, 3, 4 (if any), and 6 must be legalised in accordance with the provisions contained in the intergovernmental agreements between the Republic of Bulgaria and the country in which these documents were issued and translated in Bulgarian. Translation in Bulgarian could be done abroad (by the Bulgarian Embassy) or in Bulgaria (by translation agency). If such agreements do not exist, the documents must be validated, translated, and legalised according to the standard procedure for legalisation of official papers. For more information, see “Legalisation and certification”.

Admission criteria

The admission of non-EU citizens is based on the applicant’s documents.
For applicants who apply for English or Russian-taught programmes, minimum level B2 according to CEFR standard is required.