Професор Димитър Бъров

Professor Dimitar Barov (1887 – 1961)  - the first Rector of the higher School of Business in Svishtov. He was one of the executors of Dimitar Tsenov’s will. He graduated from studying law in France and served as rector, organizer, lecturer, and scholar for 15 years led by the benevolent ambition to create a school attaining European standards, as well as laying the fundamentals of robust scientific and academic traditions.


Academician Professor Georgi T. Danailov, DSc (1872-1939) Together with Prof. Barov and Aleksandar Bozhinov, he was one of the executors of D. A. Tsenov’s will. When he completed his studies in Russia, Germany and Austria, he dedicated his efforts as a Vice Rector, academic lecturer an researcher to gain recognition across Europe.

Професор Господин Тошев

Professor Gospodin Toshev (1893 – 1974) He studied in Paris, Marseilles and Berlin. he was the Chairman of the Committee for execution of D. A. Tsenov’s will. In 1936 he became a lecturer and an Assistant to the first Rector. Professor Toshev was a highly educated and impressive person and cultural figure, a scientist of European scale who was dedicated to developing the higher school as an exemplary academic institution.

Академик професор Иван Стефанов

Academician Professor Ivan Stefanov (1899 – 1981) He graduated from Humboldt University, Germany with a doctoral thesis in Statistics. He started working in the higher School of Business in Svishtov in 1937 and added significantly to the formation of a European academic style regarding teaching and research.

Академик професор Атанас Бешков

Academician Professor Anastas Beshkov (1896 – 1964) He received his academic degree in Economics in Germany and graduated from the University of Sofia “St. Climent Ohridski” with full academic honours, majoring in Geography. He was appointed at the higher School of Business in 1937. He was an ardent champion of the development and consolidation of the school’s authority and was a remarkable example of how to combine theory and practice.

Професор Васил Ранков

Professor Vasil Rankov (1905 – 1979) He graduated in Germany and worked in the higher School of Business from 1938. He was a scholar with multiple interests, having a significant scientific talent, and assisted in the establishment of the Svishtov School in Economics.

Член-кореспондент професор Тодор Владигеров

Professor Todor Vladigerov (1898 – 1977) Professor Vladigerov studied and received his doctoral degree in Economics and Social Sciences in Germany, extended his scientific knowledge in Paris, worked ten years at the Humboldt University and managed to undertake a European style of operation as early as 1938 at the newly-founded school in Svishtov. He initiated the publishing, and was the editor of, the first journal in economics entitled the “People’s Business Archive” in Bulgaria. Professor Vladigerov established the political Economic Department as an exemplary scientific center.

Академик Никола Михов

Academician Nikola Mihov (1877 – 1952) He was the founder of the Bulgarian bibliography and received his higher education in Vienna and Brussels. He was a person of remarkable erudition and encyclopaedic knowledge. He spent two decades in various libraries in Europe enriching his scientific and aesthetic knowledge. The fourteen years he spent at the higher School of Business in Svishtov were extremely fruitful and a feat of creativity. Academician Mihov chaired the school’s library and distinguished himself as an obliging and useful mentor for the young professionals there, assisting them in their research activities.