8th Annual Meeting of Alumni Club MIO


Alumni Club MIO invites all students and graduates of the Department of International Economic Relations at Tsenov Academy of Economics to participate in its annual meeting, which will be held on April 6, 2019 (Saturday) in Svishtov. We will mark the 8th anniversary of the club's foundation with a public lecture and training of students led by our alumni, as well as with the traditional

The theme of the upcoming event is “8 moments of spring”, and the party is dedicated to THE EIGHTH ART.

Indeed, the generally recognized “classification” of art is up to seven. Television, radio, photography, comics, perfume, even high fashion, commonly identify as the eighth art. We assume that television is a logical sequel to the series (in case the seventh art is cinema), so the first challenge for this event is to introduce ourselves as our favorite movie characters or personas from the small screen.

Since the theme of the last photo contest of the Club was “Life is short, art is eternal”, we are making a second challenge for this year's Ball - bring your own creative projects to present before the others. The art subjects could form an improvised exhibition, and later they will be part of a lottery during the ball. Some of them could also be used in an auction to assist future activities of the Club.

More information about the event at www.alumnimio.club