Alumni Club MIO presented its new calendar titled "Life is Short, Art is Eternal"

On December 14, 2018, at Auditorium 5 of the Tsenov Academy of Economics, Alumni Club of International Economic Relations (MIO) officially presented its new calendar for 2019, compiled from the photos of the participants in the fourth annual club’s photo contest.

In March 2019, Alumni club MIO will celebrate eight years since its establishment - a time that is sufficient to improve and develop new skills. That is why this year's contest was Hippocrates's famous phrase "Life is short, Art is Eternal".

In the previous three editions of the competition, the photographs received demonstrated the ability of students and graduates of the Department of International Economic Relations at the Tsenov Academy of Economics to successfully integrate into the international environment – to travel freely, to learn, communicate in various languages and environment, to work and have fun. This mission has been marked as successfully completed!

In the 2018 edition of the photo contest, the emphasis was placed on the creative skills and performances of our alumni - what they do in their free time, their hobbies. Some were expected to get involved in their friends’ interests, some to be able to present their products, and others to find out what they wanted to do. Participants were encouraged to share the paintings they drew; the objects they made; the sporting triumphs they achieved; the food they prepared; the smiles and the approval they received. The goal was to open up another opportunity for contacts, another common point of interest, and another reason to smile.

From October 5, 2018 (World Smile Day), to December 3, 2018 (Make a Gift Day), the organizers received 67 photos from 19 alumni and current students in the department with moments of their favorite activities and hobbies in their leisure time. And they are really motley - modeling, painting, making of gifts and candles, making decoration with the string art technique, tattooing on grapefruit, folk and Latin dances, guitar and piano playing, cooking skills, cards and paper products, cycling, kickboxing, hunting, yoga, mountain and adventure tourism, charity, and more, and more ..

Assoc. Prof. Galina Zaharieva, PhD, Head of the Department of International Economic Relations and a member of the Alumni Club MIO, presented the 2019 calendars. The time for production and presentation was specifically chosen to coincide with the Bachelor's Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony. Assoc. Prof. Zaharieva handed a copy of the calendar to the participants, wished them good luck and a lot of success in the year to come, and reminded them to be active members and organizers of initiatives by the Alumni Club MIO and the Academy of Economics.