Third Round Table „Business Lingua – Relevant Problems of Foreign Language Teaching and Multilingualism“

The Department of  Foreign Language Teaching at the Faculty of Finance of  the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics,  invites all colleagues to participate with papers and share scientific research and professional observations in the field of contemporary foreign language teaching in the Third Round Table “Business Lingua – Relevant Problems of Foreign Language Teaching and Multilingualism”.

The round table will be held on 6th October, 2023  in a face-to-face format and online at:

Participation fee: no fee

For participation will be accepted all approved by the Scientific and Editorial Board papers. The papers are to be written in Bulgarian or in English.  The authors can participate with one paper (authored or co-authored), in volume of 4000 to 4800 words.

The papers from the round table are to be published electronically in a collection of the round table proceedings registered in the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” National Library and in the National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID) with ISSN and on paper in a collection with ISBN. The abstracts and the round table program are to be published on paper in a separate collection with ISBN.

Important deadlines*:
1. Submission of an application form by 1 September 2023 at: The application form is to include: the title of the paper, academic title, academic degree, name and surnames of the author, affiliation, abstract in volume between 150 and 200 words. 
2. Confirmation of abstract acceptance by 5 September 2023. 
3. Submission of papers for reviewing by 18 September 2023.
4. Confirmation of paper acceptance by 4 September 2023.
5. Submission of papers ready for publication by 10 October 2023.
*The Organizers reserve the right to make changes in the deadlines. In case the deadlines are  changed, this will be published on the website of the round table.

Formatting. The papers are to be formatted as follows:

  • Software: Microsoft for Windows
  • Paper size: 21 сm × 29,7 сm (А4)
  • Margins: Top: 2 cm, Bottom: 2 cm, Left: 2 cm, Right: 2 cm
  • Title of the paper: Font: Times New Roman, 14 pt, Bold, Centered. 
  • Academic title, academic degree, name, surnames of the author, affiliation.  Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt, Bold, Centered.
  • Abstract: (separated from above by one line): Times New Roman, 11 pt, Justify
  • Key words: (separated from above by one line), Font: Times New Roman, 11 pt, Justify
  • JEL: Times New Roman, 11 pt, Justify
  • Body:  (separated from above by one line) Spacing: 1 (Single),1.15 см (First line). Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt, Justify
  • Page numbering: pages not numbered
  • Footnotes – size 10 pt; 
  • Tables and figures. Tables and figures are to be embedded in text, numbered, separated from the text by one line. Table captions are to be placed above them, figure captions below them, font: Times New Roman 12 pt, Bold, Centered. The text in the tables and figures is to be in font Times New Roman 10 pt.
  • References: separated by one line from the body of the paper, font:  Times New Roman, 10 pt, Justify. References are to be listed using  APA style

In case the paper is in Bulgarian under the list of references the author(s) is (are) to provide in English: tittle of the paper, academic title, scientific degree, name and surnames of the author(s), affiliation, keywords and abstract,  formatted according to the above requirements! 
The authors take public responsibility for the content of their papers. For your convenience, we recommend to use this template, which has already been formatted according to the above requirements.

For detailed and updated information, visit the round table website at: