The Podkrepa Labour Confederation is a labour union which, in its essence, is a voluntary union established on the basis of the free confederation of labour unions that function on a regional and national professional level. The aim and object of its activities is to protect the rights, dignity, professional and social interests of the members of the organization within the Confederation. Currently, the Podkrepa Labour Confederation amounts to 150,000 members, united in 36 regional labour unions, 30 federations and national unions and 4 associated organizations.

The Podkrepa Labour Confederation was the first labour union in Bulgaria which has been a member of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions since 1991, and in 1995 it was admitted as a full member to the European Confederation of Trade Unions.

The labour union section of the employees of the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics has been a member of the Podkrepa Labour Union since 2007 when it was registered as a full member and was granted the full rights and duties of a representative labour union organization in compliance with the Labour Code, active legislation and the agreements of the National Council of Trilateral Cooperation.

The governing body of the Labour union section of the employees of the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics is the Labour union committee which consists of a chairperson and at least one member of each organizational category of employees at the Academy of Economics – lecturers, employees and service staff. In its management it conforms to the following basic principles:

  • Voluntary membership;
  • Full democracy, openness and publicity of its activities;
  • Providing conditions for a pluralism of ideas, viewpoints, suggestions and freedom of discussions;
  • Direct election of the labour union governing bodies by following the mandate principle of all elected positions;
  • Tolerance and negotiations with the employer aiming at maintaining an atmosphere of social peace and to search for a consensus on related problems.

 Main objective: The achievement of the high social status and public prestige of the members of the Labour union section of the employees of the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov includes the constant improvement of labour conditions in the workplace and engagment in activities regarding risk prevention, maintaining and developing relationships of mutual respect and honor, and finding a peaceful solution to problems of mutual interest and preventing arguments and conflicts by means of social dialogue based on the principle of the equality of the social partners.

 Labour union committee:

  1. Prof. Bozidar Bozinov, PhD – chairman
  2. Assoc. Prof. Valentin Milinov, PhD – member
  3. Valentina Moneva – member
  4. Krasimir Tsolov – member.


 Telephone number: 66 237