Research project Sustainable Urban Consumption – Regional Differences” No КП-06 ПН 35/6 from 20/09/2019

Funding Institution: National science fund at the Ministry of Education and Science, Competition for Fundamental Research 2019

Leading organization: University of Economics - Varna

Partners: University of National and World Economy and D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics - Svistov

Total projects value: 116 880 lv.

Project duration: 36 months

Main objective: To outline the regional differences in the problems, scope, internal structures of sustainable urban consumption and to propose theoretical concepts for city marketing for sustainability. In order to achieve this objective, a thorough theoretical analysis of the concept of sustainable consumption will be made and specific measures of sustainable consumption at a city and household level will be developed.

Project activities:

Phase 1. Conceptual

Phase 2. Empirical part - sustainable consumption of macro-level (city level)

Phase 3. Empirical part - sustainable consumption of micro-level (household level)

Phase 4. Analytical-assessment phase

Phase 5. Content Marketing for Sustainability

Phase 6. Synthesis of theory of Urban Marketing for Sustainability

Research results: The research team expect to achieve several scientific results:

  • 6 scientific conference papers in Bulgaria and abroad (3 + 3); 6 scientific articles targeted to the journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science; 3 scientific publications (studia) with the empirical results from targeted cities; final monograph with work title “Urban Marketing for Sustainability”.
  • development of a marketing theory for sustainable urban consumption management;
  • purifying and systematically constructing the content of the concept of sustainable consumption, taking into account two important levels - at the city and household levels;
  • developing, testing and validating of a methodology for analysis and assessment of sustainable urban consumption;
  • development of an indexes of sustainable consumption at the city and household level;

Project Implementation Team:

  1. assoc. prof. Dr. Maria Kehayova-Stoycheva – team leader – UE – Varna
  2. Prof. Dr. Sc. Simeon Zhelev – UNWE
  3. Prof. Dr. Galina Mladenova – UNWE
  4. prof. Dr. Yulian Vassilev – UE – Varna
  5. assoc. prof. Dr. Todor Borison Krastevich - D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics – Svistov
  6. Dr. Marusya Smokova-Stefanova - D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics – Svistov
  7.  Chief Assistant Professor, Dr. Svilen Ivanov – UE – Varna
  8. Chief Assistant Professor, Dr. Boryana Serbezova – Ue – Varna
  9. Chief Assistant Professor, Dr. Borislava Stoimenova - UNWE
  10. PhD student Veneta Lyubenova - D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics – Svistov
  11. Yordan Nedev – UE - Varna