The Academic Council of D. A. Tsenov decided to award Prof. Steve Hanke with the title of “Doctor Honoris Causa”

On 10th of October 2018 the Academic Council at D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics decided to confer the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” to Prof. Steve Hanke from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. Prof. Hanke will be conferred with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” of D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics for:
  • his contribution to the regulation of macro-economic activity through monetary policy under a currency board as a means of financial and economic stabilization;
  • his research in the field of inflation and for development a methodology based on the principle of the purchasing power parity for precise evaluation of the levels of inflation  in country with hyperinflation;
  • his role in the development and implementation of currency reforms that stop hyperinflation in Bulgaria.

Prof. Hanke was an Advisor to the Presidents of Bulgaria and played an important role in establishing new currency regimes in several countries including Bulgaria. In 1998, he was named one of the twenty-five most influential people in the world by World Trade Magazine.