15 years Academy of Economics training remote masters from around the world

Learning about learning from the masters in the Tsenov Academy of Economics exists since 1999. In the 15 years since the establishment of the Centre for Distance Education through this educational technology of the 21st century Svishtov university has enabled over 22,000 students in graduate degree (ACS) "Master". Only in 2013 the system for distance learning Business Academy are registered logins of 114 countries on all continents of the world.

Its leadership in the market of electronic and distance education products for the degree "Master" in Bulgaria, the innovative design of the Academy of Economics to study remote sensing preserved by continuous development. In order to respond more fully to the specific needs of the students and is in line with current highly dynamic conditions of life in the admission of students for the upcoming academic 2014/2015, in Svishtov Academy provided flexible technology application and training in remote sensing. Prospective students can choose from more than 100 prestigious graduate programs in regular and distance in professional fields "Economy" and "Administration and Management".

The new degree program, which is to be made ​​the first entry in the upcoming academic year is "Consulting in management and administration." One of the new programs "Financial Management" (Financial Management in English), which was launched two years ago, attracting more and more attention of those who wish to complete their degree "Master" in the Academy of Economics.

Among the most popular graduate programs is the "Financial Management" where instruction is in Bulgarian and programs "Bank Management", "Commercial Management", "Accounting and auditing financial enterprises", "currency and customs fiscal control."

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The Tsenov Academy of Economics awarded the honorary title of "Doctor Honoris Causa" to a Professor from the Moldovan Academy of Economics

The Tsenov Academy of Economics awarded the honorary title of "Doctor Honoris Causa" to Prof. Sergei Antonovitch Ohrimenko PhD (Econ.), the Head of the Department of "Information Security" from the Moldovan Academy of Economics in Chisinau, Moldova.


Prof. Ohrimenko was recognised for his scientific and social activities, and the academic community in Svishtov was represented by the Vice-Rector for Student Academic Development and Policy, Prof. Teodora Dimitrova, PhD. In her words, being nominated Professor Emeritus of the Svishtov university is a "professorial rank and calling," it is one for which Bulgaria is the second country, and the Business Academy a second home, "the man who helped build not only a virtual but a real bridge between the Moldovan Academy of Economics and the  Academy of Economics."


In presenting the nominee, Prof. Dimitrova stressed that, with the direct involvement of Prof. Ohrimenko, a long-term contract for cooperation between the Moldovan Academy of Economics and the Business Academy was completed. He participated in a number of joint projects for international cooperation between the two universities.

He has also made significant contributions to the organisation of international scientific and practical conferences, student summer schools, student exchanges and joint publications. Using virtual video technology, Prof. Ohrimenko organised and conducted bilateral doctoral sessions between the Moldovan Academy of Economics and the Svishtov Academy of Economics.

He has initiated the compilation of joint scientific papers and reports with lecturers from Svishtov in the field of information security.

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Karate at the Economics Academy, trained by masters from Japan

Graduates from the D. A. Academy of Economics who are members of the sports karate club "Academic" participated in this training camp, which was attended by five Japanese instructors and the Vice-President of the World Federation of Kyokushin Kan - Foucault-Tsuoshi Kancho Hiroshige (8th Dan).

The international summer camp, which was again held in the resort complex 'Kamchiya', had participants of around 700 fighters from Japan, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Bulgaria. The JCC from the "Academic" club involved 12 players led by senpai Mitko Bozhanov (1st Dan).

According to the coach of the Svishtov students, participating in this week-long training programme has enabled trainees to master the important technical elements of Kyokushin and the subtleties of this difficult style of karate.

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Students from the Tsenov Academy of Economics – the best young economists in Bulgaria

Students from the Tsenov Academy of Economics won first places in the 10th  “Young Economist – 2014” national competition organised by the Union of Economists in Bulgaria. This years’ anniversary edition of the competition was held under the title "The Voice of Youth for a Strong Economy," and the topic of the essay was "Green Economics  - Opportunities and Challenges".

In the contest, which aimed to provoke thought and exploratory research in young people, almost 100 pupils, students and PhD students from Bulgarian and European universities, and also young enterpreneurs, took part in finding answers to the important issues surrounding the transition to a green economy in Bulgaria.

The authors presented their ideas, positions and views on the challenges and opportunities on green economics individually or in a group.

Winners from the “students” category were Silviya Sasheva and Teodora Viliyanova in their third year at the Tsenov Academy of Economics, studying the discipline of Finance. They achieved first place for team development. Also taking first place in the ranking was an essay from a group of students from the University of National and World Economy and the University of Economics, Varna. Second in the competition was a graduate from Aston University, Birmingham, and third place was taken by a student from the University of Economics, Varna.

Among the guests at the awards ceremony for the winners from the “Young Economists – 2014” contest were the members of the Governing Council of the Union of Economists in Bulgaria and representatives from academic governing bodies from economics universities.

The Tsenov Academy of Economics was awarded with an honorary diploma by the Union of Economists in Bulgaria for merit and contribution to the development and growth of the national “Young Economists” competition. 

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The new European Erasmus+ programme was presented at the Tsenov Academy of Economics

A training seminar on the new European programme,  "Erasmus +",  was held at the Tsenov Academy of Economics. The Centre for International Cooperation and Projects (CICP) at the Svishtov University presented new elements of the programme to the departmental Erasmus coordinators, which will be launched next year. The Tsenov Academy of Economics is now a university-partner in the new European programme.

The Erasmus charter received is for the period 2014-2020 and entitles the Academy of Economics to conduct all types of mobilities related to higher education, and also to take part in joint international projects within the framework of Erasmus+.

The programme extends the range of countries involved, which increases opportunities for students, teachers and administrative staff to undertake the chosen mobility.

Besides the member states of the European Union, among the countries participating in the programme are Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. Monitoring the implementation of the programme will be accomplished through an electronic platform accessible for the National Agency - "Human Resources Development Centre" - and the European Commission.

In addition to presenting the new points in "Erasmus +", changes to the curriculum for individual students during their mobility in a foreign university (Learning Agreement) were also discussed in the workshop. For future changes in other documents concerning the new programme, the team at the CICP will arrange subsequent training seminars.

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Students from the Academy of Economics participated in training for the administration of the Council of Ministers and experts at the Institute of Public Administration

Students from the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics studying  "Public Administration" took part in an initiative from the administration of the Council of Ministers and the Institute of Public Administration - "Open Days" - organised in partnership with leading universities in the field of public administration. The event, held at the Granite Hall of the Council of Ministers gave the right to participate to 12 of the most prominent university students in "Public Administration". Svishtov students led by Assistant Yuliyan Gospodinov, PhD - a lecturer in "Strategic Planning" - were among the participants of over 70 students from the University of National and World Economy, the New Bulgarian University, Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”and the South-West University “Neofit Rilski”.

The "open door" days were opened by the CEO of IPA - Assoc. Manliev. He welcomed the students and wished them success in the initiatives organised by the IPA and the administration of MS. Prof. Manliev shared his desire to see more young professionals in "Public Administration" in the institutions. Greeting the students, he addressed the representatives of the universities participating in the event.

A series of lectures delivered by representatives of the administration of the Council of Ministers and experts from IPA familiarised students with current reforms in the Bulgarian public administration internship opportunities in state administration, a student essay competition and other planned initiatives.

Iskren Ivanov, senior expert in assessing the impact of "modernisation of administration", presented the young professionals in public administration topical issues regarding reform in the public sector, the World Bank report "Doing business" and the measures that the administration of MS is taking with regard to improving the business environment in Bulgaria. Daniela Sechkova, programme coordinator for student internships in public administration, familiarised students with internships in public administration.


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New operational programmes from the European Union aimed at young people were presented at the Academy of Economics by the Regional Information Centre, Veliko Tarnovo

The new operational programmes from the European Union for the programming period 2014-2020, targeting young people, were presented at the Dimitar Tsenov Academy of Economics. At the invitation of the academic leadership, the guest lecturer at Svishtov university was the manager of the Regional Information Centre (JRC),  Veliko Tarnovo, Svetla Stefanova, together with experts from the Centre. An information session titled "One Direction - many options!" was held, the moderator of which was Assistant Yuliyan Gospodinov, PhD from the Department of "Strategic Planning", and was presented to students, graduate students and the faculty.

The participants in the event were given explainations regarding the activities of the JRC and the network of 28 data centres in the country, as well as the new programming period 2014-2020. Attendees were informed of the progress in the preparation of the programming documents and the key priorities set out in the Partnership Agreement with the EU.

Special emphasis was placed on the new OP "Science and Education - Smart Growth" and "Human Resources Development" 2014-2020, clarifications were given regarding the targets, investment priorities and planned activities in these programmes and the opportunities they will create for education, training and the employment of young people. Presenting the schemes which will start by the end of 2014, Svetla Stefanova explained that financial support will be provided amounting to 20,000 lev to start self-employment. "New job" is one of the schemes aimed at stimulating employers to hire unemployed persons under 29 years of age.

Operational programmes in the new programming period will again provide opportunities for student internships and scholarships, said another guest speaker in response to questions asked by students.

By presenting the information portal for EU Structural Funds, the attendees of the meeting were familiarised with the projects implemented by institutions, companies and organisations. Also discussed were key moments and key points in the development and subsequent implementation of projects.

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Nearly 2000 students graduated with a Master's Degree from the Tsenov Academy of Economics at an official ceremony

At official ceremonies nearly 2000 economists, non-economists and professional bachelors from more than 110 Masters programmes, educated via full-time and distance learning, obtained their Master's Degree from the Tsenov Academy of Economics.

A welcoming speech to the graduates on behalf of the Rector of the Tsenov Academy of Economics – Prof. Velichko Adamov, Ph.D. - and on behalf of the Academic Governing Body, was given by the Vice Rector for Education and Scientific Research – Prof. Lyuben Kirev, Ph.D., the Chairman of the General Assembly – Prof. Danail Vrachovski, Ph.D. and the Vice Chairman – Prof. Andrey Zahariev, Ph.D.

Along with best wishes to the graduates for health, a memorable carreer, success and victories, the official guests at the ceremonies highlighted the contribution of the Donator – Dimitar Tsenov - and reminded everyone that the town of Svishtov has given over 100 'first things' to Bulgaria, including the first Minister of Education – Georgi Atanasovich, MD - and the first Minister of Finance – Grigor Nachovich.

Quoting the slogan of the present mandatory programme – “Quality, Trust, Investment in People” - the guests highlighted that investments in human capital today have a higher return in comparison with all other factors of production, and also that the percentage of unemployed graduates is much lower compared to that of the general unemployed.

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This year’s "Rector’s Cup” competition at the Tsenov Academy of Economics ends with a football tournament

This year’s "Rector’s Cup” competition ended with a football tournament. 10 teams made up of students from different disciplines and courses participated in the tournament, which was organised by the University Sports Club at the Tsenov Academy of Economics and the Students’ Council.

After numerous challenging matches played between the students, the 2014 champion was the “International” team. The captain of the winning team was Alexander Tsenkov from the specialty of “Marketing" also included in the team were Pavel Nedkov, Lyuboslav Petkov, Tsvetan Iliev, Georgi Hrusanov, Mesut Mehmedov, Ivaylo Danailov, Viktor Yordanov, Alexander Mitkov and Nikola Nikolov. The gold medals were presented by the Rector, Prof. Velichko Adamov, Ph.D.

Second place was taken by the “Chaka-Raka” team with captain Svetlin Lafchiyski from the specialty of “Business Informatics”. The silver medals were presented by Assoc. Prof. Hristofor Stoyanov, Head of the Deartment of "Physical Education and Sports”.

Certificates were presented by the Students’ Council to the football referees and the lecturers who participated in the organisation of the football tournament.

The Deputy Chairman of the Students’ Council awarded Assoc. Prof. Hristofor Stoyanov and Senior Lecturer Asen Atanasov with a certificate for their contribution to university football.

Before the final match of the football tournament, a traditional demonstration match was played between lecturers and students. A team of young economists, led by the captain, Georgi Bobolov, outplayed the lecturers’ team 3:0.

As part of this year's tournaments for "The Rector’s Cup", besides the traditional competitions in table tennis, volleyball and basketball, competitions in badminton were also held.

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A students scientific forum was held at the Tsenov Academy of Economics

A students scientific forum was held at the Tsenov Academy of Economics which provided an opportunity to the students at Svishtov university to present their research in the field of economics. At the students scientific session, 240 participants took part with 210 reports.

The scientific session was held in fout distinct categories defined by the four faculties of the university and the participants were divided into nine presentation sections. The Faculty of "Finance" challenged students with the topic "Finance in the context of Europe 2020 ". In the first section scientific research was presented in the following areas of public finance, social affairs and initiatives for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The second section united corporate finance, banking and insurance.

"Challenges and prospects for the business programme in the context of Bulgaria 2020" was the theme that the Faculty of "Industrial and Commercial Business" gave to participants. Divided into two sections, the students presented research on "Challenges for the industrial and agricultural sector in the context of the programme Bulgaria 2020" and "Prospects for trade and tourism."

Organised by the Faculty of "Management and Marketing", their student scientific session was entitled "Sustainable development and global management."  Developments in the field of management, marketing and strategic planning were presented in the first section, and the second section included presentations on International Economic Relations and Business Informatics.

Students worked on the topics "Current problems facing European integration and European business", "Strategic perspectives for the development of business and the public sector", "Marketing 2024" and "Current trends in information and communication technologies". The Faculty of "Economic Accounting" asked students to focus their research on "Problems and challenges facing economic accountability." Divided into three presentation sections, participants presented developments in "Accounting as an information and control system", "Control and analysis for maintaining balance in the economy" and "Application of statistical methods in economic research."

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Three of the traditional sport events for “The Rector's cup” were held at the Tsenov Academy of Economics

Three of the traditional sport events for “The Rector's cup” were held at the Tsenov Academy of Economics, organised by the Students Council and the Department of Physical Education and Sports. About 100 students participated in the competition in table tennis, volleyball and basketball.

First place in the tournament in table tennis for women was won by Stiliyana Nedyalkova, the silver medal by Zheni Todorova and third place was shared between Iva Ivanova and Paola Dimitrova. The gold medal in the tournament for men was won by Lyuboslav Dinkov, the silver went to Christiyan Rumenov and the third place winners were Emil Ivanov and Vladimir Tsvetanov.

“The Rector's cup” for the basketball tournament was won by the “Teleubbies” team, the second place went to team "Gradus” and third place was taken by team "Popcorns”.

In the volleyball tournament “The Rector's cup” was won again by team “Leader”. The formation of teams is based on friendly relationships and continuity between generations of students participating in team "Leader" to once again contribute to their victory – for six appearances in the volleyball tournament at the Academy of Economics, "Leaders" have won five first places and one second. In this year’s tournaments, team “Dunav” won the silver medal and the bronze medals were won by the contestants from team “International”.

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The largest forum for student trainees and careers in Bulgaria – “National Career Days 2014 – A Good Career, A Good Life”

The largest forum for student trainees and careers in Bulgaria – “National Career Days 2014 – A Good Career, A Good Life” was held for the 7th time at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics. The event in Svishtov provided an opportunity to more than 1000 students to meet with representatives from 26 companies and institutions from the country, who represented business sectors corresponding to the portfolio of Bachelors and Masters degree programmes at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.

A congratulatory speech was given by Hristina Toshkova, a specialist in “Corporate relations” from Nestle, Bulgaria, which is the general sponsor of the national career days. Presenting the company's initiative called “Nestle needs young people”, she wished the students well in finding their first dream career.

Participants included: 1. Job Tiger 2, 3. Nestle Bulgaria PLC. 4. University career centres 5. UniCredit Bulbank 6. AIG 7. The FULBRIGHT Bulgarian-American commission for educational exchange 8. “Dignified labour” - the national network of information offices for the Confederation of Labour 9. ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) PLC. 10. Societe Generale Expressbank 11. DZI and CiBank 12. KUKUI Corporation 13. Ideal Standard – Vidima PLC 14. The Employment Agency, a member of the EURES network 15. IC “Bul Ins” PLC 16, 17. United Bulgarian Bank 18. Allianz Bulgaria Holding PLC – Svishtov 19. The “Campaign A21” Foundation 20. EDLANTA – Study abroad 21. PROFI CREDIT Bulgaria 22. BON 23. AIESEC Svishtov 24. First Online Solutions 25. The “OZK – Assurance” PLC insurance company 26. FAVO PLC

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The first student scientific session entitled “Debt Management – 2014” has been held at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics.

The first student scientific session entitled “Debt Management – 2014” has been held at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of  Economics. The pioneer event for the Svishtov Alma Mater was organised by the “Finance and Credit” department in accordance with the implementation of project IP2-2013 “Doctoral School of Finance and Master's Research in Financial Sciences” (The students from the Masters degree who participated in the session presented their individual and team developments, representing studies related to the deficit and debt in 22 countries – Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic and Sweden).

The students' work focused on analyses of deficit and debt management in the above-mentioned countries for the period  2000 – 2013. The trends established  confirmed the strong negative effects of the financial and economic crisis of 2008 in these different countries, expressed mainly via higher interest costs on debt instruments. As there were particularly negative indicators found, the students from the Masters degree highlighted the group of EU members who have become known as the PIIGS group (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain).


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The founder of a leading software company educates students from the Tsenov Academy of Economics

A master-class on "Building Web Applications for Business in the dWare OS Through an Event-Based Approach " was held at the Tsenov Academy of Economics. The forum was attended by students from the third and fourth year in "Business Informatics" and lecturers from the same department.  The guest speaker was Damyan Ivanov, the founder of the company dWare Ltd., Sofia - one of the first Bulgarian software companies which was established in November 10th, 1989. Students were shown the basic steps of working with dWare OS. Along with this, they were shown pre-developed dWare OS applications running in real time for Bulgarian Post PLC and Bulgarian National Radio.  

At the end of the master-class, Damyan Ivanov stressed the importance of the specific role and position of students studying the subject "Business Informatics", namely a combination of specialist economic knowledge and information technology, which is becoming an integral part of business reality. Presentation of this topic involved Diana Dimitrova - the senior expert in "Accounting Systems" for the company.

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The Patron’s Day at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics was celebrated by an official ceremony and a procession through the streets

The academic community in Svishtov once again demonstrated their recognition, honour, gratitude and respect for the benefactor,  Dimitar Apostolov Tsenov . On Patron’s Day at the Academy of Economics - November 8th - hundreds of students together with academic and administrative staff attended the ceremony at the Benefactor’s monument via a procession to his grave.

The Patron’s Day celebrations began with a performance by a brass band , who were accompanied at the Benefactor’s monument by the Rector - Prof. Velichko Adamov - , Bishop Gregory from Veliko Tarnovo, the President of the General Assembly of the Academy of Economics, Vice-Rectors, Deans of Faculties and the President of the Student Council .

Dimitar Tsenov contributed to the foundation of the university in Svishtov via his donation more than 100 years ago and also had contributed to the development of our country, said Prof. Daniel Vrachovski, President of the General Assembly, in his speech at the ceremony.

"To date, the "Dimitar Tsenov " Academy of Economics has been a European-style modern university, " - said the President of the General Assembly. In his opinion, he said that the spiritual heritage of the Benefactor was enhanced each year by each alma mater student at the university in Svishtov, which in recent years has educated about 140,000 people.

As a sign of gratitude to the Benefactor, Dimitar Tsenov, wreaths were laid at the monument on behalf of the Rector, academic leadership, the student community and the AIESEC student organisation. Those attending the ceremony - students, faculty members and staff from the Academy of Economics - participated in the procession and pilgrimage to the Benefactor’s tomb. The procession left the Rectorate, went on to the "Aleko " central square and the main street , past the First Bulgarian Library and ended the monastery of "St. Peter and St. Paul ", where Dimitar Tsenov is buried.


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2nd International conference of tourism, hospitality and recreation 2014! Poznan, Poland, 19-21.05.2014


The International Conference of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation 2014 (EJTHR 2014) that will take place in Poznan (Poland), on 19th -21st May, is co-organized by the GITUR – Tourism Research Unit of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal) and two Polish universities: the University School of Physical Education in Poznan and the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz.

The conference is promoted by the European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation (EJTHR), and its aim is to bring together scholars, researchers, practitioners and students from all areas of Tourism, that includes all domains of tourism and leisure research.   The EJTHR 2014 intends to promote mutual dialog, interaction and understanding of various stakeholders of tourism research outputs, including academic researchers and scholars, industry professionals, and tourism policy makers and national tourism organizations.

Our keynote speakers are:

·         Professor Dimitrios Buhalis   (Bournemouth University), ·         Profesor Alexis Papathanassis  (The Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences) , ·         Professor Carlos Costa (The University of Aveiro - Portugal), ·         Professor Antonio Magliulo (President of the Academic Committee of NECSTouR - Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism), ·         Professor Ewa Dziedzic (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland), ·         Dr. Lóránt Dávid (The Károly Róbert College, Gyöngyös, The Honorary Associate Professor at Szent István University, Gödöllő in Hungary), ·         Dr. Sofia Eurico (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, the associate member  of the Tourism Research Group - GITUR), ·         Rob Davidson (University of  Greenwich).

More information you can find on our website http://www.icthr.byd.pl/index.php?id=1 Feel invited!  

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New bilateral agreement was signed in Ukraine

During the official visit by the delegationon from the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics on 16.07.2013 at the Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine a bilateral agreement was signed for cooperation between both universities. It was signed by the Rector of the Tsenov Academy of Economics, Prof. Velichko Adamov, PhD and the Rector of the Kyiv National Economic University, Prof. Pavlenko Anatoliy Fedorovych, DSc – Hero of Ukraine. In educational rankings of Ukraine universities, the Kyiv National Economic University occupies a position in the top three universities in Ukraine and is a leader among the national economic universities.

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